What if an investment substitute gives you capital gains over your cash reserves

Well, such investment substitute gives capital gains risk free.

So the first consequence is that the cash reserves insure the investment substitute decision for you, for me and for everyone. And then, in that conditions the cash amounts affected to catch capital gains would take big dimensions. Like trillions and quadrillions of cash reserves generating a black hole of dynamic savings.

The second consequence is that the limits of classic investments were pushed up by the new economic space created by the such investment substitute performing cash over cash and insured in by the cash phase contained as it own nature.

The third consequence is the upcoming reality of imagination's projects.

Is Google working to give folks a one-click-motor-for-savings ?

Is the US Admnistration working to give folks an universocial wellbeing ?

We trust they have to deal. Giving folks the opportunity of the money datevaluation, linking money-to-money for much-more-money. Cash-sharing-cash-on-cash-production-for-cash-results.

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